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Since 1973, Calex has been providing high quality, cost effective temperature measurement and power conversion solutions for industries worldwide. Our in-house design and manufacturing is focused on non-contact infrared temperature sensors and AC/DC power supplies.

We also offer a wide range of complementary products including thermocouples, resistance thermometers, indicators, controllers, SCADA systems, calibrators and DC/DC converters.


RIFTEK develops and fabricates optoelectronic instruments for measuring geometrical quantities for industrial automation and research applications.  We offer fully-integrated solutions to control and automate factory problems – from individual sensing devices and transducers to multi-functional measurement and control systems. Our sensor and instruments are used by worldwide customers from more than 40 countries in various industrial and research applications.


As one is one of the leading companies in inductive and capacitive technology, XECRO serves customers in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Due to XECRO's innovations and high standard technology, XECRO is able to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quad sensing distances, high pressure, high temperature resistant and ultra metal face proximity switches.

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